Human Trafficking

In the fight against human trafficking, the most critical approach to tackling this issue around the globe and here in Indiana is to eradicate the demand for commercial sex and the commodification of women and children.

Our cultural tolerance of commercial sex along with constant objectification and sexualization of women and young girls fuels the demand for human trafficking. The Internet markets commercial sex and pornography to an increasingly young demographic, and in turn becomes the gateway to turning those viewers into buyers and perpetrators.

Commercial sex is extremely exploitive and harmful. Prostitution and commercial sex are not victimless crimes. Traffickers recruit young girls into prostitution through violence and manipulation; cutting them off from family and friends. The average of death of a person involved in prostitution is 34 and most common cause of death is homicide.

Demand for commercial sex is why we are all part of the problem, so tackling issues such as “pimp culture” and tolerance for exploitive behaviors harming women and children are crucial to stopping human trafficking.

This is why Indiana has adopted the nationwide “Not Buying It” initiative. The goal for this initiative is to encourage all 50 states to get involved in the “Not Buying It” initiative so, together, we can put an end to sex trafficking. Click here for more information on the nationwide initiative.

Please join us by committing that you are not going to be a part of this problem and to firmly state that you are “Not Buying It.” Indiana is Not Buying It.

Indiana’s Not Buying It