Family planning services
for women and men
throughout Indiana.

About IFHC

Indiana Family Health Council (IFHC) is a private, not-for-profit organization that funds 28 reproductive health clinics across the state to make healthcare and education available and accessible to all, including teens, no matter insurance coverage or income level. Of these clinics, 24 are open to the public.

Focusing on our goal of making healthcare education and resources available to all, in 2021, Indiana Family Council sponsored clinics have performed the following:

  • Provided services to 13,059 patients across 83 of the 92 Indiana counties
  • Conducted 7,428 HIV tests
  • Distributed 550,000 million condoms across the state of Indiana
  • Provided education and counseling resulting in 83.6 percent of women choosing to adopt a moderately or most effective form of contraception
  • Performed 11,087 chlamydia/gonorrhea tests

The percent of women under 25 Tested for Chlamydia has increased from 68% to 84%.
The percent of patients Tested for HIV has increased from 26% to 52.5%.


Our goal was to have 80 percent of women under the age of 25 be tested for chlamydia by the end of the calendar year. Left untreated at that age, the disease can lead to a lot of complications including infertility. Chlamydia is often known as a silent disease, which is why it is our goal to get as many women tested as possible.

Every $1.00 of public funding spent on contraceptive and preventive health services in the US saves $7.09 in public expenditures.

Mission Statement:

The Indiana Family Health Council promotes and facilitates family planning and reproductive health services for those in need.