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Being a Teenager Can Be Hard

Your world is changing and sometimes it feels like those changes are happening fast.  Not only do you have your school and social life to balance, but you’re juggling emotional and physical changes too.

At this point in your life, you might be exploring your sexual health.  Maybe you had “the talk” with your parent(s) or a trusted adult, but you still have a few questions that you feel too embarrassed to ask.

Maybe you want to know about  STDspregnancy or learn about different types of contraception (birth control).  We do encourage you to talk with your parents as they can help guide you during this unique time. However, if that idea makes you turn red of embarrassment, feel free to browse our site for answers to some frequently asked questionsYou can even make an appointment at one of our Title X clinics to privately discuss your concerns and answer other questions you may have.