Family planning services
for women and men
throughout Indiana.


Family planning is the process of deciding whether and when to have a child. This includes:

• Decisions about the length of time between each birth, and;
• Decisions about birth control methods that may be used.

During your visit, you will fill out forms with information on your health and income. A medical assistant will review your medical history. They may take your vital signs or urine and blood samples for testing. Blood and urine tests may include testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs/STDs) and pregnancy. You may have a physical exam. You may receive counseling and education. You may also receive a form of birth control. Some patients will also receive referrals for other services or treatment.

Our clients may be tested for STIs/STDs to prevent infertility caused by certain sexually transmitted infections, and for the health of a pregnant mother and her unborn child. Treatment for certain sexually transmitted infections may be covered or you will be referred for treatment.

Our health centers provide a wide-range of birth control options. If you’re seeking a specific brand or method, please call the health center location first to make they carry the method and have it in stock. Methods include:

• Condoms–both male and female;
• Hormonal birth control pills, rings, and patches for women;
• Hormonal birth control shot for women;
• Long-acting, reversible contraception for women, such as IUDs and implants;
• Hormonal emergency birth control pills for women.