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Who Can I Talk to About Sex?

It is important to be honest about sex with your partner, and your parents. If you don’t feel comfortable having a conversation about this difficult, but important, topic with your family, IFHC’s Family Planning Resource locations have staff members who will listen and talk privately with you about what you are feeling, what you are worried about and what your next steps might be. Family Planning Resources also have the following low-cost or free tools to help you take control of your sexual health, including how to control when you want to become a parent:

• Birth control, including The Pill, NuvaRing ®, OrthoEvra®, Depo-Provera® and other prescription medications.
• Information on how not having sex at all might be right for you.
• Child spacing information outlining why it’s best for your health and finances to wait until you have your next baby.