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How is IFHC Funded?

IFHC receives and administers the federal funds from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for family planning services, known as Title X, which are provided through a system of Family Planning Resources that provide contraception, STD testing and treatment, screening for cervical and breast cancer, screening for testicular and prostate cancer, pregnancy testing, counseling and referral for other health services. IFHC is the lead agency for the Indiana Family Planning Partnership funded by the Indiana State Department of Health, Division of Maternal Child Health for administering the Title V, Title XX and TANF family planning funds received by Indiana from the federal government. These funds are added to Title X to support the Family Planning Resources agencies across Indiana.

IFHC also receives assistance and funding from other federal funds; the Indiana State Department of Health, Division of HIV/STD, for STI and HIV testing across the state; and partners with private foundations to provide reproductive health education and services.